Python xlwt: writing excel files

Yuji Tomita @ Department NYC

To write excel files with Python, first download / install xlwt.

A demo with common operations should help more than a write up:

Create workbook and sheet

Write a cell

Apply styles to a cell (bold)

Set width of column

To set the widths, you must set the width attribute to 256*NUM_CHARS where 256 is equal to the width of the zero character.

Apply multiple styles to a cell

Note that you are limited to 4k styles per document, meaning you should not initialize a style for every cell but re-use them (read below for simple cache solution).

Apply currency style

To set currency, add the keyword argument num_format_str to the easyxf function or set the attribute on the returned style object.

Write excel formulas

Writing formulas is trivial with xlwt.Formula



Here are some things that “got” me good (took some troubleshooting).

Can’t override cells

I actually like…

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